The Best People Around
What is Opez REP?
Opez REP is how we evaluate the best of the best. It aims to provide a 360-degree review of performance by incorporating feedback from customers, peers, and employers. Specifically, it measures two things about a service professional: Popularity and Credibility. Popularity includes things like how loyal their customers are, how many customers they have, percentage of positive testimonials, and so on. Credibility includes things like how relevant their credentials are, how respected they are by their peers, how lauded they are by their employers, and so on.
I'm an exceptional service professional (if I might say so myself) – how do I sign up?
Service professional membership on Opez is currently by invitation, only, unfortunately. However, since you're taking the time to inquire, we welcome you to apply for an invitation here [unfortunately, membership is currently closed — apologies for the inconvenience].
Does it cost money to list on Opez or to get membership?
Nope, Opez membership is free for all individual service professionals, and it always will be. Once you are a member, you are automatically entitled to get listed for free, as well (once you've completed your profile, anyway).
I'm a Venue Manager/Owner and our service professionals are most definitely exceptional – how do we sign up?
If you are a Venue Manager/Owner and are interested in promoting your business by highlighting your exceptional service professionals (especially if some of them are already on the Opez), please e-mail us directly at Our Manager Accounts are chock-full of marketing goodies, including lead management tools, analytics, and a promotions platform.