The Best People Around
Exceptional Service
We like to say that Opez is dedicated to helping you discover exceptional service professionals. But who are these people, you might ask, and what are they like? Well, friends, let us tell you. To us, exceptional service professionals are individuals who consistently exceed your expectations in their line of work because they love what they do and because they love their customers. Competence? Friendliness? Efficiency? Mere prerequisites.

We're talking about people who would love nothing more than to blow your mind with their depth of knowledge, to change your perspective on human society with their attention to detail, and to transform your very existence with their expertise. Yes, they are completely obsessed – consumed, even – with what they do (as, perhaps, we are, too), but that's precisely why we trust their judgement, feel comfortable relying on their advice, and even fall in love.

Enter into a service relationship with one of these folks and the only way you're leaving is with alien abductors.
What Does Opez Do?
We do the tough work of finding exceptional service professionals to make it as easy as possible for you to meet them. Then, we do some more tough work of building this whole website thing to make it as easy as possible for you to stay in touch. All you have to do is follow this basic approach:

1. Use our Local Search to find professionals in your neighbourhood and check out their profiles (including their hours, certifications, customer testimonials, and our very own Opez REP ranking methodology) to help you evaluate candidates.

2. Next, "Watch" the ones you want to keep an eye on – they'll know you're interested and start sending you more information and entry-level promotions so you can date around a bit, as it were.

3. Once you've found the one for the job, "Check-in" with them to officially join their Following. This way, you'll get continued access to their expertise, schedule or venue updates, and the best promotions.

4. Finally, build a strong Service Relationship together (check-in regularly, refer them to your friends) and earn exclusive benefits from them, other institutions, and our brand partners.